Space Colony Art from the 1970′s

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Found this amazing concept art from , all of these illustrations are pretty amazing.

New Site Launched

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After a long time dragging my feet I’ve finally updated this site. Stay tuned as I work the kinks out.

Soviet Anti-Alcohol Propaganda Posters

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I stumbled across these amazing posters from The Museum of Anti-Alcohol Posters and had to share. They vary between goofy and clever, but seem fitting for a Friday afternoon. Had a glass, had another It’s not yet too late — Stop Profiteer is a worst enemy Alcohol — enemy of mind We shall overcome drunkeness ...

What Does the Term “Comp” Mean?

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Ive used the term comp for what seems like forever. While I am usually using the term in the context of a design proof, I had no idea what the abbreviation originally referenced. After some searching I found a great explanation from Vive Studios Facebook page, which Im including here mostly due to the fact ...